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About Us

Take a look into how we got started.

Concerned by boarding kennels that keep dogs isolated and caged for the duration of their stay; that define ‘exercise’ as a brief release into a larger yard during cleaning; that offer 20 minutes of exercise per day for a hefty fee; and return pets in an anxious and distressed state, we decided it was time to create a boarding facility that genuinely catered for the needs of the canine community.

Dogwoods Country Kennels is focussed on changing the very nature of the dog boarding industry so that a boarding stay is actually beneficial to the health and wellbeing of each boarder, allowing them to return home, happy, healthy, exercised, and socialised.

Dogwoods Country Kennels was first established as an open kennel in 2010 and provides a facility that offers all canine guests:

Group housing overnight (so our guests are never alone or isolated for the whole time they are with us)

Nutritious food in approporiate portions in order to maintain/achieve a healthy weight range.

All-day exercise (from 7am until late afternoon) in our fully fenced yards (one for the bigger breeds and one for the smaller breeds)

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