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Colo Heights

Our Pack

Introducing Our Pack

Dogs have formed an integral part of our household and that of our extended family for all of our lives. The fun and companionship we have enjoyed sharing with the many dogs we have had the pleasure to own has been great.

More than just pets for us, our canine friends have been much loved , valued and adored family members that have been there by our side during the best and worst times of our life.

Over the years we have been very fortunate to have a wide variety of breeds and temperaments of dogs including Sydney Silkies , Jack Russells , Shelties and even a Bull Terrier. Currently we have an eclectic mix of working dogs below as our pack.

Scooby – Foxy 6 Mths

Scooby is our most recent addition after we bid farewell to our 16 year old Labrador Lucy pictured above. He certainly has high energy and brings a new dynamic in both size and stature into our household. It’s early days but he has already begun socializing in our littles area, craves the limelight and has a penchant for Sun baking!

Kelly – Kelpie 7

Kelly has been in our family as a rescue since she was 18 months old. She loves nothing more than patrolling our yard and investigating any new scents or smells. She is least likely of all our dogs to enter a natural body of water even in summer! Affectionately known as “Kelly Belly” due to her love of belly rubs!

Scarlett – Maremma 3

Scarlett is our youngest girl who came into our lives as an 8 week old pup. The very nature of the protective instincts of her breed means it is more likely she will be dubious of our human visitors to Dogwoods as opposed to our K9 ones! She can be a tad sulky but is generally a gentle , relaxed and affectionate girl.

Freddo -Wolfhound 5

The most playful member of our pack often with a ball or a indoor chase , strangely he can also be the laziest when it suits him!  He is a master of the double scratch and despite his size loves to perch on our knees when we sit. He is wonderful mix of love-able rouge and gentle soul and a recent addition to our pack.